Bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero

BipCoin is covered by the BipCot No-Government license, which allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame. Between the BipCot license and the kitty cats, BipCoin is fun. Which makes it more adoptable. And the code base solves the main problems of Bitcoin.

Dogecoin was a joke with no value because of its unlimited supply. But it was fun and probably did more than anything to spread cryptocurrencies, and increased the visibility of Bitcoin. BipCoin has the best of both worlds: As they say, all hat, no cattle! I am basically a retired software dev and I am very passionate about the DNS problem. From my interactions on the BitSharesTalk forum and discussions about an alternative DNS on a blockchain, I can see how difficult the problem is to resolve.

I may be able to help, but before I contact you to discuss that I need to read your bipcoin whitepaper. I agree with you fully that the cost of registration needs to be determined by the free market. I just sent him a PM: Hope all is well with you these days. Are you still interested in alternative DNS systems? I was very disappointed the effort to create an alternative DNS based on a blockchain fell apart in the BitShares ecosystem.

It never saw the light of day in graphene either. I can hardly believe nobody has come up a solution or started a project with traction to solve the DNS problem, which is so important.

It may be adequate to insure decentralization, but I need to do more research to offer an opinion on that. Just sent you an email. So whoever gave you guys the bright idea to charge 8 dollars or so for each name did not really have a idea of what is really wrong with distributed dns and name squatting.

So the big company names are only going to cost 8 dollars. Free markets always work well bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero this is why a lot of coins always fail. The day you guys release a coin with dns features and a wallet where any name can be auctioned off then only will you get mass adoption.

So why free markets? Why should anybody dictate what anyone should pay for a domain name. What happens when the early adopters get some top names for 8 dollars. Are our google giants going to like that.

So that is why I even told namecoin to build in an auction system in the client. So now I am telling you guys.

Now listen or fail. Set a date for further down the road for name registrations and inform companies so that they can register or bid on names. We feel we could bring a lot of attention to your project from our customer base. I say why not shoot higher, if ur shootin for the moon screw it. Why not shoot for outer space instead of the moon.

What can u do to be 1? Update soonish to make it even more solid, plus adding ability for paper wallets. And someone working on BipCoin poker site. Like the nmc fork idea but even bip is horrendously slow to load. Id look into blockchain tech too. Id love to port it to PASN pas notes.

I think they dont want this getting out. I like pasc marketplace- I just put my coins elsewhere…. Bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero is not going up? That being said I think it has potential to grow a lot but first I think there needs to be a more solid timeline and a plan for updates to this coin. Any Updates from Developers? Can you please share your roadmap for this year? I am one of the investors and I think you have a cool concept which is very bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero under valued at the moment.

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Monero screwed the pooch! Help them Help you. Dark Donkey March 26, at 4: Thom December 10, at Take care my friend! CatBot Post author December 10, at 1: Tristan D' agosta January 1, at 2: Hi, I am Busoni admin of Polo Exchange, we have been reading through your thread and are wondering if you would like to be added to our exchange.

CatBot Post author January 2, at 7: Rcik January 22, at 7: CatBot Post author February 2, at 6: CatBot Post author June 17, at Is passed off to new dev who is good. Jessie September 2, at 9: Thousands of bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero traded last week, congrats boys, I wish bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero all the best.

I like pasc marketplace- I just put my coins elsewhere… Yes, I write. Crypto master December 8, at 7: Rafael January 7, at 3: Peter February 26, at 4: Are there any devs actually?

Popcorn March 21, at 6: Aeden April 29, at 4: May I have your email address? Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This is the English version of this page. Russian-language version of this page is HERE. BipCoin will have a maximum of 18, Bitcoin has a maximum of And yes, we found and dealt with that public key in the CryptoNote core. We zeroed and 1ed; and 2ned…. Yeah, but there was only one programmer back then and he just got too busy. We came back with a much stronger tech team. The events are explained in detail here. Explained fully in the BipCot.

Where can I buy and sell BipCoin? How can we contact you or ask questions? For tech support, post comments on our thread on bitcointalk. If you really need to email us NOT for tech supportsend an email. Bookmark and follow here: Mostly just for testing the network. Some for bounties and faucet. But also to put the first tiny bit in our pockets and spread around to our friends. Is BipCoin open source? Our source code is on GitHub, here. Governments and government agents would agree to be shamed by using or even looking at the software even without agreeing, because…reasons.

Why is the default peer-to-peer port ? No victim, no crime. Caused by some fungus, man, and not the good kind of fungus? We like calling it a crypto. And the disease thing is funny. But it makes bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero to us. What do you call one BipCoin? BipCoin, like Bitcoin, is divisible down to 12 digits. So BipCoin could run the economy of the world. More on our take on Bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero plan, here.

Where did BipCoin get its name? When it was time to make a kick-ass new coin, MWD knew it had to be covered by the BipCot bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero, which does not allow use by governments and government agents. BipCat is the kitty in the BipCoin logo. This was a few days after we got her.

You can see she still had the scar on her nose from fighting with other cats at the shelter. Hmmm…so is BipCoin just a knockoff of Dogecoin? BipCoin is designed with security and future-proofing in mind. Dogecoin was a cute idea, and helped spread understanding and adoption of cryptos. BipCoin is based on new code, CryptoNote, which has huge advantages over coins based on Bitcoin code. See the top of this page for more info on that, if you somehow missed it. How can you adapt something from source code covered by some other license and release it with some wacky license you just made up one day?

This means you can release derivations under any license you want. The GPL has been compared to a virus, because it infects derivations to require the same license. What else is covered by the BipCot NoGov license? Full list is here. Mainly a lot of podcasts, art, video games, game music, and one syndicated terrestrial radio show. In all operating systems, Cell has had overinstalls, and is growing fast. Will people confuse BipCoin with Bitcoin? Just speak clearly when you say Bip Coin.

In some ways, a BipCot license is more enforceable than a copyright in the age of torrents. Intellectual Property laws are the horse and buggy of legal concepts. Mine some, trade it with people for actual things, get used to it, enjoy it.

Do small transactions with it. But help it grow. Make it and spend it. Trade it with your friends. And tell two friends! It will get gradually harder with time. Your web design looks cheap! BipCoin is a labor of love, not some bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero get-rich-quick coin-mill scheme. And the site, like our software, works as intended and is easy to navigate.

Will you pay me to translate your wallets and website? We are only a four people, and have day jobs, make no money at this, and need to spend our energy keeping things solid.

And also, people often want to be paid to translate into languages not many people speak. These are the five most common languages on earth. The thing is, While English is not the most common language, it is by FAR the most common second language. Most people in the earth can read enough English to install and use software documented in English.

But I need to know: How can I contact you so you can check it out and maybe link it? Leave a comment below. What are your plans for Bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero in the future? As we said above, we made MeowBitthe Dot-Bit system-wide resolver for Namecoin, and have a lot of ideas about why Namecoin failed and what could be done to fix it. The BipCoin logo is awesome! Our good friend Jim Jesus made the logo on this project. Oh, and the groovy music in the radio ad was composed for us by Neema Vedadi.

This is why feather has issues. And we are bipcoin launched the day before the big announcement about monero there my friend. Id take you to me but im not me right now and nobodys letting me go where I need to be -so that I can be my real self. It makes a new site and you have to move content there, then re-edit the sites.

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Quick profits (and losses) and be made trading altcoins, but it is silly to think that every altcoin will be the next big thing. License activation usually takes few hours.

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