Bitcoin gambling addiction

When gambling problems cause you to fall behind on your bills and household expenses and when other living costs take a second place to using money for gambling then you may have an addiction problem and need to seek help. You may also have a problem and need help when you neglect your family and friends and stop spending time with them for fulfilling your gambling or cryptocurrency betting needs. Have you become isolated and distant and no longer enjoy the other things you used to do before gambling took over?

If any of these sound true then perhaps its time to make a call for some help. When you have a gambling problem or obsessed with crypto currency fluctuations you might neglect your work, be absent from work or maybe even do the opposite and be working yourself to death just to make extra money so you can place more bets or head out on another gambling vacation. Please consider using the resources listed above if you just want to start talking or inquiring about what can be done to help yourself.

Or if looking out for someone else, email them the link to this page and let them have a look. Copy and Paste the code above to appear like so: You must be logged in to post a comment. Please add your comments here. Click to add them below. All deposits are automatically connected with your account. We instantly credit accounts upon a single confirmation, which on average is about 10 to 60 minutes.

The Withdraw is depending on Blockchain traffic. The minimum amount for withdraw is bits. On your Account, you find your personal referral-link to gain partners. If your Partner win or lose don't matter, you get your referrals paid. Also it does not matter if you play by your own or just collect partners.. Account will be deleted and you lost all of your bits. Gambling Addiction means, that you lose your control about the game.

If you think that happened to you, please visit: Frequently asked questions How to play? What is a bit? How do I deposit bits? How long is the deposit address valid for?