Bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000

According to news released this morning, angel investor Cai Wensheng accumulated a massive stake of bitcoin as prices were dropping post January. Wensheng said that in early January he only owned 1 bitcoin. It was more of a "just for fun" holding at that time.

However, upon some research he decided that bitcoin was going to play a big role in our future and decided he needed to increase his holdings substantionally. He set a golf for himself of getting to 10, total bitcoin but he did not want to buy when prices were running up.

Wensheng said he started buying in late January as prices dropped, buying even more as prices dropped further. At present time Wensheng confirms that he reached his accumulation target of 10, total bitcoins. Cai Wensheng is an angel investor from China and chairman of photo retouching app provider Meitu. Meitu is a popular bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 retouching app that boasts over 90 million monthly active users.

More about Meitu can be found here: He made his first fortune by investing in domain names during the dotcom bubble in the 's. Since then he has been a successful angel investor investing mostly in start ups. He is a fascinating person and worth reading up on if you are not familiar with him. Given the fact that he has openly disclosed his holdings at a time when other big holders are more fearful, hopefully he has very good security. Sadly by the time people realize it, it will near impossible to own 1 whole coin.

That is a good point. While most everyone was saying btc was going to die. Woooah, he nailed it. That is what we call moon! He deserves to be successful because of this mindset and ability. I hope he will discover this Steem community too. He did the right decision for buying more despite of downside, but in the longer perspective bitcoin still the king of crypto space because of the brand already being built.

Many big investor gonna come in like Goldman and the Arab investors. He's a HODLer for certain. I wouldn't have the discipline and would position trade like a maniac. Well at least I don't have to worry about that decision. Great to hear even at these prices large size investments are being made. The first of many I hope. Yes, hopefully the first of many indeed. So, a guy and his friends come up with an app that takes red eye out of your selfies and let's you put Unicorn horns and ears, replete with floating hearts and birds all over, another app just like the hundreds of others, and then goes public.

Well, isn't that heart warming! I mean, I'm not jealous at all, and wish bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 the best for the lad! I sure hope that he doesn't strain his back lifting his money around Well I'm happy he is channelling his money into crypto much better for the world and the steemit community than holding stocks, if he gets richer we all do: Well, if I have to see something as a silver lining about this guy making billions, then you're right Still, I hope his lobster is rubbery and his champagne is flat and dull Since its not the central banks printing whatever they want, rising tide will actually raise all boats in crypto.

It seems to me that bitcoin hype rollercoaster starts again It would be interesting to see bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 price in Q3 and Q4 of this year. And I hope that he will not sell all of his bitcoins at once: One of these guys, like this guy, or Roger Ver, or the Winklevoss twins, are going to be emperor of the world one day.

The wealth that this could represent is unfathomable, and he just buys it in a month or so. Haha yes that is certainly buying the dip. Would be nice to be in that bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 of position. He's just one of many who bought great amounts of Bitcoin. He is though one of the few who went public and confessed. He sure knows what to do with money at bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 I guess he is not the only one public person to hold such and amount of Bitcoin, but as you pointed he was open to disclose it.

Another bullish news for the crypto market. How did he buy the bitcoins given that the Chinese govt has banned them, even cracking down on OTC markets?

And why bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 a Chinese person who somehow managed to get bitcoin blab to the press and invite his govt's scrutiny upon him? Getting deflated and complaining about price capitulation is speculation. When one whale in japan comes out to sell a bag full of bitcoin ref. Mt Goxanother Chinese whale is ready to buy a big bag full of bitcoin. I think overall whale activity has been picking up. I think you also wrote about it.

OTC volumes picking up, and circle also reported increasing the ticket size from k to k. This is just anecdotal proof of strong OTC volumes, something we do not get to see on exchanges. In an interview with tech entrepreneur Weng Fang for local news outlet Sina, Cai Wenshang said that he took advantage of the Q1 bear market to amass huge numbers of coins. I wish to grasp and get my part. Still few people understand the power of the blockchain.

Bitcoin price can be in a bubble whilst the tech is still useful. He is sure to know what to do with money. He is the only person who does not keep the same bit of bitcoin, but it was for publication as you indicated.

Another news for the crypto market. A large Chinese investor decided to put his money where his beliefs are. Cai said his reasoning was simple. After the peak in December, prices starting falling. Who is Cai Wensheng? Bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 is one of the few large holders to openly disclose his bitcoin stake.

Stay informed my friends. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Did somebody summon me?! Haha you and me both! I'll wager it'll be a much larger portion of his wealth very shortly. Until he cashes out, see what happens then. From listening to him, I don't think he will be selling them any time soon. That's what I call buyingthedip! I'm 49, and I know only enough to be still trying to accumulate 1 bitcoin. The Chinese investor started also from 1 BTC.

Haha yes he does. Wow that is huge. Those are great questions. Thanks for your important information of steemians. After knowing some things then bitcoin should start working, For example: Bitcoin is the sign currency traded bitcoinshould you buy it now after reaching $10000 the Open Source Cryptographic Protocol.

There are no financial institutions, regulatory bodies, or fixed houses for Bitcoin transactions. All processes of Bitcoin are completed online through an open source software or through a web site. InSatoshi Nakamoto introduced this currency system. So if you share some things with meplease do not -upvote please. Buen post muy interesante,saludos. Thanks for sharing this cryptocurrency. This story inspired someone to get much more earning or invest. Man I wish I had enough money during the drop to invest in bitcoin This guy has BTC.

How long he gonna keep these? Or, he just buy to do trade!!! So much for it being illegal there lol. Now time for buy bitcoin.

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