Ethereum wallet backup software free download

Hey afterglow I am utopian-io. You can contact us on Discord. It has been approved.

Restoring your Wallet Note: If you are restoring your wallet to a newly installed Ethereum Wallet you should see something like the screenshot below wherein you will see a new address created by the app. It has been approved.

Thank you very much. Blockchain data chaindata is where the blockchain is stored. After pasting your wallets you should immediately see it together with the address created by default by the Ethereum Wallet. Restoring your Wallet Note:

Thank you for the contribution. Inside Keystore you should see something like the screenshot below. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I am the first and only Steem Community-Driven Witness. I have just upvoted you!

That's it, it's done. Step 13 Inside the Geth folder you will see a folder named "chaindata", just paste the chaindata that you have copied in Step 6 Close Ethereum Wallet first before pasting the folder. Open "Keystore", paste all the addresses you have copied in Step 3.