Exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin

Giving sellers a way to get cash for unwanted plastic and offering buyers discounted gift cards from top retailers, the right exchange can take pressure off your budget in more ways than one, while helping you gift better gifts for any occasion.

But how does one choose a gift card exchange? Below, you can learn more about all of the exchanges we considered as well as the methodology used in the selection process. Gift card exchanges are fairly unfamiliar to most consumers. You could also simply swap gift cards with a friend or family member, assuming each of you has a card that the other person wants. To identify the best gift exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin exchanges, WalletHub compared each of the most popular options based on the factors that figure to be most important to buyers and sellers, respectively.

Below, you will find the grading rubric we used to evaluate the top options for sellers. And you can find our fully methodology for evaluating the best options for sellers in our in-depth look at the best places to sell gift cards. Average Discount 50 points max: We did not consider deals where an unusually high percentage discount was available for a single gift card from a particular retailer.

Popularity 20 points max: A well-liked, highly reviewed exchange figures exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin have an active community of buyers and sellers, a large selection of gift cards to choose from and a pleasant user experience.

To approximate the relative exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin of the top exchanges, we obtained their ratings from a range of major review sites including the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot and Reseller Ratings as well as their Facebook likes.

We then averaged these results to create an overall popularity rating. Fees 12 points max: Shipping fees and site commissions would obviously diminish the savings that users of an exchange can expect. So we determined if and when such charges enter the equation and ranked the exchanges accordingly. Type Of Exchange 12 points max: Some exchanges buy gift cards directly from individuals and other companies and then sell them directly to consumers. Other exchanges also enable consumer-to-consumer transactions or aggregate offers from multiple sites.

Payment Options 6 points max: What payment methods can buyers exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin when purchasing a discounted gift card? The more options, the better. After obtaining the necessary data from the websites of each exchange as well as related resources that that speak to their popularity, we ranked the exchanges from best to worst in each category.

We then used the weighted average of these rankings to calculate an overall WalletHub Score for each exchange, on which we based our final rankings. Giftcardmart is a relatively newcomer I think. Lots less brands, but usually the best discounts and I like supporting the small companies called for security check and I asked about the company and I was told it's just 5 of them right now trying to compete against "the big guys". Is it possible to sell or trade Microsoft Xbox digital codes? Unfortunately, it is not yet officially possible to do this, as exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin game buy-back programs are not implemented at the present time.

Cause it looks like they're sketchy. Have you seen their About Us page? Literally exchange ebay gift card to bitcoin a single thing in there "About Us". I have a Hyatt gift card which I cannot use. I would like to exchange it for a debit card or Visa credit card so I am free to use the money. Best Gift Card Exchange: Was this article helpful? Failed to send the feedback. Please try again later.

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