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Video games are used with multiple purposes and variable goals between users. For many, playing on the computer can be a leisure activity, but for others, online games can mean a world of opportunities, and an entertaining way of generating income.

The decadent economic situation of Venezuela has made that the currencies are highly demanded. L preference for foreign currencies how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg the national currency, the strong Bolivar, has increased considerably in recent years.

Also by bitcoin and different digital coins. This last practice is the most common among young Venezuelans, since the use of PTC can be quite tedious and frustrating, since users should only sell hard-to-get how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg within the game, or more experienced players offer help to those of less experience to obtain a remuneration.

To exemplify the previously mentioned, there are several cases:. Farmear farming is a term referring to the repeated accomplishment of an action in order to obtain points of experience, money, objects or any other advantage for the character in an online game.

In other pages you can pay for this service in bitcoins. Depending on how experienced the user is, uploading an account can take from a few days to even months. Prices in bolivars are usually much lower, as getting customers within the country who are willing to pay such amount of money is unlikely.

These two practices mentioned above are illegal within the game, and can be penalized by affecting both the user offering the services and the user who purchases them. In an explanatory video, authored by YouTube user Glink, it is narrated how the Venezuelans use the farmer in RuneScape to generate income, how later they can exchange the gold obtained by bitcoins, and how to carry out this activity are attacked and discriminated against by the gaming community.

As previously reported there are countless ways to generate income in dollars or bitcoins using video games or the internet, how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg addition, most are low-paid or very risky activities.

However, they remain how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg activities, to earn foreign exchange, among the Venezuelan population. In addition, inflation is projected to increase significantly as the months pass, removing from the outlook the possibility of an early recovery of the economy.

For this reason, a group of the population has been prepared to obtain income in other currencies, like the dollar or the bitcoin, to cope with the expenses. In a recent article how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg explained the behavior of both currencies in the Venezuelan market, and we highlight the risk involved in obtaining dollars in the black market, or negotiating and mining criptomonedas, due to the regulations that the state has imposed on the country's economic activities.

Following statements made by the Minister of Agriculture, where he praised the use of bitcoin as a tool for financial liberation, and numerous clues about the state's consideration of blockchain technology, he is waiting whether or not to adopt the cryptones in Venezuelan territory.

This is news to me; and it kind of fits in with the blog I have just written. We have to look at ways we can adapt how many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg change. I like the idea of playing games to earn real money, thanks for sharing: How many ways bitcoin miningbitcoinskyorg notcied there is a lot of news, especially crypto news regarding Venezula. Yes, get others currencies when his own money crash is a common way.

I remember when I was traveling in Argentina, it was the crisis too and they where all searching for dolars. It's a good thing that cryptocurrencies are developping, it will be a great way for the ones in those situations to have an alternative to the money falling.

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