Makerbot mini software

MakerBot Print Support Site. Fixed bug that led to some Project files failing to open Fixed security vulnerabilities Other bug fixes and improvements. Create your own Custom Print Modes, giving you quick access to your favorite combinations of print settings.

Share custom print modes with peers by exporting the print mode. Use someone else's Custom Print Mode by using the Import feature.

Gain access to advanced print settings when connected to a printer with an Experimental Extruder attached. Print settings can now be individually displayed in the Print Settings sidebar menu. This option can be enabled in the Custom Settings menu. Current extruder temperature is now visible in the main screen of the Printer Panel OBJ files are now supported for Mac. Printers that do not utilize z-calibration have been blocked from running that procedure. Reset to factory has an added "Clear Calibration Settings" option if a Replicator Mini or Replicator 5th Generation has been set with unnecessary calibration values.

Resolved an issue where. Fixed an issue where the Orient tool was not working correctly. To completely resolve the issue, you must reset all custom print settings by right-clicking an added custom setting and selecting "Reset All to Default Value". Opening a project will prompt you to choose between the current settings and the Project settings, if they differ MinFill Print Mode is now available for Replicator 2 New custom setting: Donut-fill Happy National Donut Day!

Custom Settings UI Improvements: Custom settings that are added but not changed may change if certain other associated settings are changed e. This is intentionally done to improve print quality but will not happen if you explicitly select a Shell Print Speed after adding this custom setting Bug fixes: The slice progress bar for Replicator 2 and Replicator 2X should no longer fluctuate during the slice process.

Other bug fixes and improvements. Fixed bug where material estimates were overestimating the amount of filament necessary to print. A new Print Mode that reduces print time and saves filament by only printing the minimum amount of infill needed to support your print.

Support for SolidWorks files Windows only Other bug fixes and improvements. More intuitive default mouse controls for new users. For more information Click Here A new and improved Scale tool that lets you modify a model's scale by directly changing its overall dimensions.

Ability to reset a printer to its factory settings in the printer utilities menu. File name display field refinements. Balanced, MakerBot's standard set of print settings which balances print quality and speed Draft, which optimizes for speed Ability to start prints directly from the printer's details menu Improvements to canceling in progress slices and prints, including a new confirmation prompt when canceling a print Other bug fixes and improvements.

Import STL files as an assembly Projects: Bug fix for connecting to Fifth Generation Firmware 1. Small bug fixes related to the Library. MakerBot Desktop is a complete solution for discovering, managing, and sharing 3D prints. Improved memory use in MakerBot Slicer to better handle large prints 2. Correctly display the MakerBot Replicator Z18 vertical camera in the print monitor panel 3. Expanded the skybox view for the MakerBot Replicator Z18 build volume 4.

Added control of the MakerBot Replicator Z18 heated build chamber to custom profiles 5. Removed the button press requirement when printing over a USB connection Note: Please update your firmware for the best experience. Register your device to ensure you get the right level of service and support. Minor fixes and improvements Known Issues: To get around this issue, rename your build plate.

If an error is thrown when connecting to a hidden wireless network, please dismiss the error and check to see if you are connected before attempting to connect again. Improved print time estimates Print flow improvements one click printing Diamond infill pattern for variable layer height prints Breakaway support material by default on the Replicator Z18 only Support ticket creation in the Learn Tab Bug fix for the Replicator Dual start-of-print routine.

Known Issues When exporting x3g files, there may a small delay between when the post-processing step finishes and when the x3g file generation actually completes. Transformation icons have invisible text labels. Left extruder does not heat when printing files generated using custom profiles. High quality prints now use thicker infill layers for faster printing Ability to connect to hidden wireless networks Ability to set a static IP address for printers connected over Ethernet Smart Extruder information added to the device preferences.

Known Issues When using Quick settings for dual-extrusion printing, rafts and support will default to mixedMaterial unless MakerBot Dissolvable Filament is selected for one extruder.

In this case, the extruder with MakerBot Dissolvable Filament will be used for rafts and support by default. Learn tab videos will not play inside MakerBot Desktop on bit Windows machines.

As a workaround, view the videos in a browser. Features True remote printing and monitoring in MakerBot Desktop More detailed first run experiences More fine-grained control of Z-Axis Offset adjustments Improved Learn tab Option to use a system proxy in the App Preferences Better handling of system sleep during prints Bug fix for support material not printing with the left extruder Bug fix for Untitled layouts in the Library.

Transformation icons have invisible text labels Some dialogs on Fedora may have missing close buttons. Features Automatic updates from Makerbot Desktop 3. To adjust the print temperature please continue using a custom profile. Single-layer prints may cause slicing errors in this version Transformation icons have invisible text labels Some dialogs on Fedora may have missing close buttons. Features Native printing on Windows 8. Please retry these prints. Some digital store prints will take a longer than usual time to start.

Please check your internet connection and try again. Features Improved print quality Bug fix for Digitizer connectivity issues on Windows Option to manually calibrate the Z-axis offset of Fifth Generation printers Fifth Generation button-press override for network prints Post-print photo sharing to Thingiverse Ability to set a static IP address.

Known Issues Windows 8. After a Fifth Generation printer is reset to factory settings, users should turn the printer off for 30 seconds before setting up Wi-Fi. Features An overhaul of the communications between Fifth Generation printers and MakerBot Desktop Faster camera streaming A new device preferences dialog for Fifth Generation printers Camera streaming over a USB connection New Print History tab in the Library Automatic unloading of filament after an out of filament error The ability to change Smart Extruders during a paused print and resume printing Print from file with.

Lay Flat algorithm updates 5. Option to disable filament jam errors from the device preferences added 7. Notification for when log exporting is in progress added. Known Issues After a Fifth Generation printer is reset to factory settings, users should power cycle the printer before setting up Wi-Fi.