Mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin

You should not assume that everyone here on Steemit knows about crypto currencies and crypto mining, there are quite a lot of people that are not into crypto currencies and actually are not familiar with mining.

So pointing them to a guide on how to setup mining of Steem Power on Steem may be just like speaking some foreign language to them. That is why this time I figured that I should do a different kind of guide, one for easy mining on your computer, a guide that is intended for mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin that are not familiar with mining pools, crypto currency exchanges and different miners for CPUs and GPUs The goal of this guide is mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin you as a crypto currency newbie to take advantage of your computer's performance by using it for mining or more precisely for selling your hashrate and getting paid for it in Bitcoin and then using the earned BTC by converting them into Steem or Steem Power.

You will be doing that the easiest possible way, without having to register at a lot of new websites, learning how to use them or having to download and setup complex software for everything to work. All you will need to do is download a single universal miner from NiceHash for Windows, start it up and give it a payment address and wait for the Steem or Steem Power to start coming your way First you need to download the latest NiceHash Miner, the current version is 1.

The link for downloading the miner is available below, it is a Windows only miner and there is no need to compile anything yourself. If the automatic download does not go or there is some issue, you can download the additional required files from here and then extract them in the same folder where you have unzipped the NiceHash Miner. The first time you run the miner it will ask you what language of the interface you want to use, currently only English and Russian are available, though in the future more languages may be added.

The NiceHas Miner relies on the NiceHash services for leasing and renting hashrate for various crypto currency mining algorithms and what you will essentially be doing with their miner is to sell your mining hashrate for the most profitable algorithm at the moment based on the hardware you have available in your computer.

The miner should be able to autodetect your processor and video cards and show them in a list, giving you the ability to select and deselect what you want to use for mining.

The basic setup of the software is really easy, you just need to select your general location depending on where you are based in like Europe for example. Then you need to also provide a Bitcoin address to which the payments will be sent, this is a really important part as you need to open up your Steemit. This is the built-in exchange option on Steemit that is powered by Blocktrades, the good thing is that the unique BTC address you get is mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin for single use, you can send many transactions to it and get credited in Steem or Steem Power the Bitcon addresses for both are different, so make sure you choose the one you need.

It should look just like as what you see on the screenshot above with the BTC address I got from Steemit entered in the miner. This will ensure that all your earnings will be sent directly to Blocktrades and converted into Steem Power or Steem as soon as you are being paid by the NiceHash service and that usually happens multiple times a day if you have met a certain minimum amount. You need to click on the Benchmark button inside the NiceHash Miner in order for the software to check what hashrate your CPU and Video card can provide in different crypto algorithm.

This is required so that the miner can always switch to the most profitable algorithm when mining and maximizing your profit, it is advised that you run the benchmark on all algorithms and on both the processor and the video card s that you have before actually starting to mine. Currently the most profitable algorithm is probably going to be the one used by Zcash that is called equihash, but this can change and the software should automatically make the required change when it knows the hashrate your hardware gets for the different algorithms.

Then all you need to do is click on the Start button and you will see the mining start. There should be a console window popping up with some real time status updates of the mining process displayed there, but that will probably not be very useful for less advanced users.

Since the rates change very often it is possible that the actual profit will not be as big, or could as well be higher than the average estimate that is being displayed there. A bit lower than that you can also see your account Balance on NiceHash, it should start with 0 mBTC and 0 USD, but as soon as you start mining it mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin start to slowly grow up.

You can keep track of your earnings directly inside the NiceHash Miner as well as on the official NiceHash website. To check the more detailed stats available on the NiceHash website just open up this address in your browser - https: The only thing left now is to wait a couple of hours for your first payment to be sent from NiceHash to your Bitcoin payment address issued by Blocktrades and get the BTC converted to Steem or Steem Power and available in your Steemit account. There is no need to use additional exchanges or do anything else besides run the miner with the right Bitcoin address and you should start receiving a steady flow mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin Steem or Steem Power tokens to your Steemit account.

Do note that using NiceHash and their Windows-only miner is probably the easiest mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin to do things for users that are not into crypto currencies and crypto mining, though it might not be the most profitable solution.

It is a good first step that works well and provides a nice profit, especially at the moment with the good paying Zcash, and you can also take advantage of the low Steem price to get some extra Steem from your computer when you are not using it for other things. Did you like what you have just read? Check my other posts on steemit cryptos If you like what I'm doing for Steem and on Steemit you can support me as a Witness.

I've always wondered about mining. I always thought it required too much equipment for me to do myself. This is true, but because it is constantly monitoring prices and switching to the most profitable altcoin available, I think it is also true that it often may be more profitable than native steem mining with steemd. With that I mean more like it may not always have the fastest miner for the specific algorithm and hardware, for example the OpenCL hashrate for the Zcash algorithm is slower than what other miners offer at the moment.

This was so much easier than setting up my Windows machine to mine Steem. Thanks for sharing this, I'm already up and running! Hi, I have downloaded and extracted the Nice Miner software.

I could see it installing and autodetecting my processor, but could not add my bitcoin address or choose my location or benchmark. Once it was done installing, the window disappeared. All I can find is the extracted mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin. I tried it several times and no luck. It looks like it's loading and then the window disappears again.

You can try to manually extract the bin. If the automatic initialization fails on your machine you can download bin. Ive extracted the zipfile and have it installed and can see the widow of the program choosing my processor.

It just stops before its completed and i can't choose the benchmark, add my bitcoin address or my location. Did you download and extract the second, " bin.

It's not part of the standard instructions, but for whatever reason, sometimes it's necessary. Hi, I go to translate this post into spanish. If you have any objection or you want some of the reward just tell me. Provided, here is the post. That's great for someone like me who would like to try mining but have no time to figure it out calmly enough. My current problem is that nicehash does not seem to run on anything else than windows. I browsed the website but haven't found anything. Do you have any other suggestion by any chance?

Unfortunately no other reasonable alternative that keeps things up to date and profitable enough when new coins or algorithms worth mining become available It is still relatively easy setting up a console miner to work with the NiceHash service, but you need to know a bi tmore on what hardware you have available in the computer to make it work and maximize your results.

The NiceHash Miner just makes this part much more easier by autodetecting the hardware and choosing the best miners for what you have available I am in principle capable to setting it up myself, but I have for the mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin unfortunately no time to dedicate to this task which is why a "ready-to-work" out-of-option was appealing: Minergate works fine with windows, linux and mac Just be careful you don't lose your password.

Neither NiceHash nor MinerGate are known for great customer service. I have NiceHash on the Laptop. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the guide and advice cryptos and williambanks. I add cryptos to my witness list! I'm not sure about the wording of that excerpt either, but yes, it mines a basket of altcoins, picking the current most profitable, then pays in bitcoin.

When you ship the bitcoin to the deposit address, you're buying steem power through blocktrades, so if enough people do this, it should put buying pressure on the price of steem. I had posted a similar article, here. I just googled and although I didn't find that exact error message found a similar one that related to people using. NET and had to download it, and we downloaded the exact version suggested by NiceHash, which 4.

Does anybody with more tech knowledge than me know if this could be the problem? Should we upgrade to. Here I am again, still looking like a numpty! But I'll leave all this here anyway, in case other numpties have the same problems. But now I find that the spare computer we were trying this on is only bit Windows 7 and it needs to be bit. Time to get out into the spring evening fresh air though before it's too late, so this mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin have to wait a bit longer.

Thanks anyway cryptos for your excellent instructions, and maybe we'll be mining by tomorrow! It depends a lot on the hardware you have available With Zcash at the moment things are pretty good even for a decent CPU only. Just run the miner and see what estimate it will give you for your hardware. Learn more about and upvote to support linkback bot v0. Flag this comment if you don't want the bot to continue posting linkbacks for your posts.

Thanks for this very useful post cryptos. I will be applying this at home. One question I have is this: It uses very little data, needs constant connection though, network speed does not affect performance, unless there are connectivity issues that can cause less than the optimal performance.

You know any good ones? Those are along with an amd on nicehashes mining intro page and the other one draws too much power for my house lol. The GTX is not bad at all, however it is already a bit old. So you might want to consider going for GTX instead. For the cost it is equal to amd in terms of mining speed but draws less power.

It still has the problem with slower speed at the last block of video memory, but that never affected gaming performance muh anyway and is not a problem for mining at all. When I tried to load it up after downloading I get this window popup and after 1 hour waiting it never finishes whatever its doing and I can;t even turn it off i had to ctr alt del it.

How do I get the missing item? I have AMD Maybe someone from nicehash will se these messeges

By day, a simple software engineer. By night, also a software engineer. This guide is out of date. This post describes mining Sia with a desktop graphics card GPUbut custom mining hardware is now available for Sia. The custom hardware has made Sia GPU mining non-viable. This guide will still work, but you may never reach payout, even with a high-end GPU. Sia is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network for buying and selling computer storage space.

Users pay for transactions within Sia using a cryptocurrency called Siacoin. These miners are paid for their contributions in Siacoin. I estimate that it only takes about 20 minutes to get started with mining. It may be installed already, as it is included with many AMD drivers, but to ensure you have the latest version, follow the steps below.

There are a few different Siacoin miners to choose from, but they all offer similar features and performance. This verifies that your GPU library is installed correctly and your miner is able to access it. There are currently two main options for Siacoin wallets, which I describe below. The fastest way to create a Siacoin wallet is to use Bittrexa cryptocurrency exchange.

Bittrex provides a web wallet, so you can create an account and generate a Siacoin wallet instantly. The downside is that you have to trust Bittrex to keep your Siacoin secure. There have not been any major security breaches at Bittrex that cost their customers money, but many other exchanges have had issues with this, and Bittrex is by no means immune.

I recommend starting with Bittrex as you build familiarity with Siacoin and mining. Developed and maintained by the Sia developers, it is the most secure and powerful Sia wallet available though this is somewhat by virtue of it being the only Windows wallet available.

At this point, Sia-UI will likely still be synchronizing with the rest of the network. First-time synchronization is sloooooow. It can take hours to days to get synchronized depending on your disk speed and network connection. In the Description, type Mining revenues or whatever label you prefer:. Sia will now show your Siacoin receiving address labeled Mining revenues.

This is because mining consumes all available graphics resources, which makes it difficult for you to use your computer normally. Instead, you can use a handy feature built in to Windows called Task Scheduler. Configuring a scheduled task is a bit tedious. This will create a pre-populated task for you with the correct settings for your Siacoin miner.

With this task created, your PC will mine Siacoin automatically any time you leave the mouse and keyboard untouched for ten minutes.

As soon as you touch the mouse or keyboard, mining stops so as not to interfere with your normal usage. Mining is a game of chance. Your machine is doing repeated calculations with random numbers hoping to discover a solution to an equation that the Siacoin network needs at the given moment.

A solution is found roughly once every ten minutes, but due to the number of miners active, it is possible for your miner to go months without getting lucky and stumbling on a solution.

This guide configures your miner to participate in the Luxor mining pool to give you a more regular and predictable mining income stream.

With a mining pool, all participants implicitly agree to share effort and share rewards proportionally. The Luxor mining pool takes a 0. When the unpaid balance for your wallet address reaches Siacoin, the pool pays out your rewards. Within six hours, you will see a deposit in your mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin for a little over Siacoin. My particular GPU reaches the payout threshold about once every two weeks as of November Your experience will vary depending on the performance of your GPU, the percentage of time your miner is running, and the number of other active Siacoin miners.

You need to convert your Siacoin in two stages:. Bitcoin has been around longer and the ecosystem is much more mature, so you have several options for cashing out your Bitcoins. Bitcoin exchanges mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin beyond the scope of this post, but here are a few places to start. A more comprehensive list is available at bitcoin. The tables below show estimated mining performance of different GPUs. These numbers are based on anonymous, self-reported data from a mix of systems, aggregated from Sia mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin wikis.

I do not recommend buying a GPU for the express purpose of mining Siacoin. These variables can change drastically at any time. Another way of earning Siacoin is by renting out your unused hard disk space. Having trouble getting up and running? Here are some common issues readers have run into and how to fix them.

When you run marlin. This usually happens because the mining settings are too intense for your GPU. To fix this, follow the steps below. If it succeeds, repeat these steps with increasing intensity until you find the highest intensity that is still stable. This can happen if the mining settings are too intense for your GPU. To fix this, follow the same steps for Miner crashes immediately. On February 1st, I quit. It was because they refused to buy me a Christmas present. With no idea what I was doing, I hired a cartoonist to illustrate my blog.

The results were surprisingly positive. Silly Bits Blog About Projects. Michael Lynch By day, a simple software engineer. Overview Sia is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network for buying and selling computer storage space.

Install a Siacoin miner There are a few different Siacoin miners to choose from, but they all offer similar features and performance. To install Marlin, mining on this pool nicehash auto mining gui and exchange for bitcoin the steps below: Go to the Marlin miner download page. When the download completes, open it and unzip to C: Type cmd and hit Enter.

In the Command Prompt, type the following: Be the first to know when I post cool stuff Subscribe to get my latest articles by email.