Mtgo trade bot sell tickets

You will be instantly notified if we can accept your tickets or not. Trade your tickets with our bot. We have a fully automated system, payments are sent to your paypal account in a few minutes after tickets are deposited.

How long does it take to receive payment? Typically 5 minutes or less, but could take up of 20 minutes depending on the number of payments waiting to be sent. It's more than 20 minutes and I have not received payment, what do I do? Contact us, we will quickly check and resolve the issue.

This could be due to a few things such as country origin, customer PayPal issues, or incorrect PayPal address. Do I get charged any fees when selling you tickets? No, we send the money with Mass Payment and we pay the fees. Are there any limits on selling tickets? You can sell up to tickets a day in ticket increments. My selling tickets request was NOT accepted, can I still sell you tickets?

Possibly, we need to review mtgo trade bot sell tickets account manually and do an override. If your MTGO mtgo trade bot sell tickets is less than one mtgo trade bot sell tickets old your request cannot be overridden for any reason. Please contact us for an override at staff at mtgotickets dot com. What currency do you send the funds in? For example, if you'd like your money to sent to 'john.

Sell Mtgo Event Tickets. What is your MTGO username? How many Event Tickets do you want to sell? I am not attempting to sell stolen tickets, and I understand Mtgotickets. Insert your MTGO username. We use paypal to secure our transaction. Please login with the paypal account you wish to receive your money. Any person filing a chargeback regardless of the reason, will be banned, reported to Wizards of the Coast, and reported mtgo trade bot sell tickets the FBI Internet Fraud Department.

Price may change at any given time, the price you see is the price you pay. All funds must be paid in USD, and the buyer is responsible for any currency exchange fees. If any issues occur with your order, you will contact us before contacting Wizards of the Coast.

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