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After working up the story from home, I nervously took my first draft to a writing tutor, who helped me get the book in better shape. Sadly, we know rehabilitation can sometimes be an ongoing process for children, so it was important that our story ended on a cautiously optimistic note. Our director of fundraising was able to have the project charitably-funded, and we were now ready to take on an illustrator for the book.

We eventually chose Garry Parsons, an award-winning artist who hand-paints each page of his books. With his expert eye, Garry saw immediately that my version of Tim-Tron was too adult-like for young children, so he put together a collection of little robot drawings we could show to children to see who their favourites were.

Despite a manic calendar of filming and appearances, Richard took the time to record an audiobook version of Heads Up, Tim-Tron for families to read along with. With the audiobook recorded, our production process was almost complete, and after a couple of insomnia-inducing slip-ups in our schedule, we got the book to our printer.

Getting the final product back in a series of neat little boxes was a genuine thrill. All we need to do now is get the book into your hands. How do you tell your child they may not be quite the same again? Getting started After working up the story from home, I nervously took my first draft to a writing tutor, who helped me get the book in better shape. A group of rebels ventured to his planet in an advanced starship the Star Streak , assisted by Delta Three's female leader Nikki Carol Lynley to defeat Omus and save humanity by procuring more medication: Sparks was reconstructed from the spare parts of the robot destroyed in the freighter crash.

During the concluding conflict on the planet Delta 3, Sparks ordered Omus' army of six robots to suddenly turn on their master, thereby allowing Jason and the others to flee the control room, leave on their starship, and destroy Omus and his robots on his planet. Star Odyssey , It. This was another low-budget Italian space opera - considered by some as a rip-off of Star Wars , again from director Alfonso Brescia, who also directed War of the Planets , It.

The futuristic plot was familiar - it was set in the year on Earth Sol 3 , which had just been sold off at a space auction for the Lords of the Galaxy. The highest bidder was evil, gold-faced despot Lord Kess of Kobal who had purchased Sol 3.

His plan was to enslave billions of 'dark-skinned' humanoids and profit from their future sale , enforced with an alien cyborg-android army of stormtroopers all with golden Prince Valiant or Dutch Boy haircuts and silver suits. Mauri sent his pretty niece Irene Yanti Somer to assemble a team, to recruit: The awful film ended with a perfunctory, primitive video game-like Star Wars space battle.

The Motion Picture V'Ger and android probe Ilia. According to the robot, V'Ger was traveling to Earth "the third planet of the solar system directly ahead" "to find the creator, to join with him V'Ger and the creator will become one The creator is that which created V'Ger V'Ger is that which seeks the creator. The android probe "a programmed mechanism" was basically undetected as artificial until scanned in the Enterprise sick bay, where it was discovered that it was composed of micro-miniature hydraulics, sensors, molecule-sized microprocessor chips, and an osmotic micropump.

Spock Leonard Nimoy surmised that Ilia's memories had also been replicated, meaning "her feelings of loyalty, obedience, friendship might all be there" - the probe was "the key to the aliens" - if those memories could be revived.

Commander Willard Decker's Stephen Collins love interest in Ilia from a previous romantic relationship resulted in his offering himself up to 'merge' physically with V'Ger symbolically through its android probe - the merging of human and machine took place in a dazzling, swirling shower of light, creating a new glowing alien entity or non-corporeal life form "We witnessed a birth.

Possibly a next step in our evolution" , from which the USS Enterprise emerged - unscathed. Released by Disney, and the final second film of director Russ Mayberry, this light-weight family sci-fi adventure-comedy was inspired by Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court , published in The simplistic movie was billed as a "sixth century space adventure.

Galaxina was on board the interstellar patrol spaceship Infinity of the United Intergalactic Federation. In the film's trailer, she was described as a heavenly body in a backless, skin-tight white body suit and seated in a glowing chair - "transistorized and computerized to lead her space buddies across the farthest reaches of fantastic adventure.

She possessed a small keypad in her left palm through which she could reprogram herself. She also had a built-in security electro-shock system force field preventing anyone from touching her. Hector, Demigod 3 Series. Hector was a headless, evil 7 foot-tall robot with steel musculature for his chest, lethal pincher hands, other crome-plated body parts, and red and blue plastic tubes with hydraulic fluid winding around its body cavity.

Mounted between the robot's two shoulders was a small two-eyed, binocular lighted head component like a closed-circuit surveillance camera at the end of a metal, jointed shaft that was able to move about. The android's living, organic brain stored in a glass tank was reprogrammed by drug-using, lustful psychotic pilot Benson Harvey Keitel who used a plug-in jack at the back of his neck surgically implanted into his spinal cord to control the robot's actions - mostly to rape Alex he had earlier asked her: May I use it?

By film's end, Hector killed Benson and wore his stripped-off face like a mask! Director Desmond Davis' spirited, old-fashioned romantic adventure with a big-name cast was based upon ancient Greek mythology - the tale of Greek hero Perseus.

It was the last feature film of special-effects, stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen, and his only film in the post- Star Wars era. He displayed impressive effects, however: Bubo was a chirping, cute metallic golden owl that sounded like R2-D2 - essential to the film if it was to appeal to juveniles who had seen Star Wars with its two robotic droids. Its chirping sounded like a cuckoo-clock's bird. With spinning eyes, and a rotating head, its beak moved when it spoke.

When Bubo flew to Perseus to assist him, Ammon asked about Bubo's speaking: The live-action family fantasy pitted Perseus Harry Hamlin , the illegitimate mortal son of Zeus Laurence Olivier against a number of obstacles magic including solving a deadly riddle, monsters including three flesh-eating witches of Stygian, and the gods.

With a magical sword, invisibility helmet and shield, he strove to free imprisoned Princess Andromeda Judi Bowker and win her hand from the giant sea monster known as the Kraken the last of the powerful Titans.

His aim was to defeat her former betrothed Calibos Neil McCarthy , who had been turned into a deformed and monstrous satyr in the swamp. This goofy sci-fi romantic comedy bombed at the box office, and was critically assailed.

Val-Com Andy Kaufman - a valet robot dressed in a three-piece suit and bowtie, and hostess robot Aqua-Com Bernadette Peters with copper-wired hair, were both featured as two plastic, household renegade robots brought into a robot repair shop.

Val fell in love with Aqua as they were both awaiting repairs. They both decided to run away, with cigar-chomping, wise-cracking comedy robot named Catskill voice of Jack Carter , into the outdoorsy woods by hijacking a van, where they were hunted down by a crime-stopping, fire-spewing, tank-like Crimebuster Deluxe robot voice of Ron Gans. As a result of their romance, they also had a tread-wheeled robot baby named Phil voice of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead , created or built from their own spare body parts.

They had to return to the warehouse when their batteries went dead. The tales were accompanied by heavy metal hard rock. The animation was rated R for violence, sex, nudity animated! The entire film told of an evil, glowing sentient green orb or meteorite, called the Loc-Nar, in inter-related vignettes.

This was an 'adult' underground cartoon that was more adolescent and juvenile than anything else, with graphic, teen-oriented depictions of drugs, taboo-breaking sex, disrobing nude women with large breasts viewed as sex-objects, sex-toy robots, fantasy sword-and-scorcery, and gory violence. In the 5th segment, "So Beautiful, So Dangerous," red-headed Pentagon secretary Gloria voice of Alice Playten had sex with a robot voice of John Candy after being kidnapped onto an alien ship.

Nude, she laid back next to the robot smoking a cigarette, when she exclaimed: I've never felt anything like it. I've been programmed to be fully proficient in sexual activities.

Do you want to go steady? I already have a boyfriend. Earth women who experience sexual ecstasy with mechanical assistance always tend to feel guilty.

We laugh together, care for each other. We have highly proficient sex. Why can't we get married? Let's leave it at that. I'm afraid that I'll come home one day and find you screwing the toaster. But on one condition. I want a Jewish wedding. In the year , obsessed and eccentric, Frankensteinish research scientist Dr. Daniel Klaus Kinski in a satellite laboratory on a remote space station in deep space, worked with his 5 year-old shy, assistant prototypical android Max scriptwriter Don Keith Opper.

He was carrying out illegal research androids were outlawed on Earth. The film drew parallels to Rotwang's creation of the destructive "Fake" Maria in Metropolis , with footage from the film. In his spare time, coming-of-age Max engaged in learning about 20th century humans by playing computer games, watching old movies, reading sex manuals, and listening to rock 'n' roll and soul music.

In order to activate and complete a perfect, upgraded blonde-haired female android model named Cassandra-1 Kendra Kirchner that would render Max obsolete, Dr. Daniel needed the life essence of a real female. Android Max was worried that he would be deactivated: Doctor'll probably turn me into a sprinkler-head for the greenhouse. A runaway spaceship with three fugitives arrived and docked at the space station, including: Daniel wanted to use Maggie as a model and sex-electrical power source Maggie incredulously said: When the sexual chemistry from Maggie and Max sparked life into Cassandra, she came alive.

In the film's twist ending, it was revealed that Dr. Daniel was also a robotic android when his head was ripped off by Max and Cassandra during a brief struggle. Then the film concluded with Max and Cassandra returning to Earth posing as Dr.